OXO Potato Ricer A Must Have Tool In Your Kitchen

oxo potato ricer

Oxo Potato Ricer is a multi-functional tool that is durable and can prove to be quite useful in the kitchen. Once used, you would never want to go back to your old ways of doing things in the kitchen. It looks like a large garlic press and is perfect for mashing kitchen ingredients, especially when you need to get things done fast.

If you are looking for a way to mash your potatoes, this tool could be your perfect partner-in-crime. It works by boiling your potatoes and then cutting them into smaller pieces which can then be placed in the OXO potato ricer’s cabin.

The best way to make the perfect mashed potatoes is to add small amounts of milk and butter to the potatoes. And the fact that you can put the potatoes into the ricer without peeling them off explains why the OXO potato ricer is ideal for people who are always on the go. Such people usually don’t have much time to peel off the potatoes.

Once you are done, you will find the leftover potato peels at the bottom of the Oxo potato ricer.


Uses of Oxo Potato Ricer

By now, you must be thinking about all the cool things you could use this OXO potato ricer to make in addition to the creamy and lump-free mashed potatoes. That being said, here are a few of the many uses of this beautiful masterpiece of a kitchen accessory:


  1. A recipe for avocado – This tool is your best friend if you want to make home-made lump-free guacamole. The trick is to have your avocado as soft as possible without ruining its taste and texture. You can do exactly that with the help of OXO potato Ricer. All you have to do is to place your avocadoes in it and that’s it. Simple!
  2. Egg mayonnaise ѕаlаd – For the salad, instead of sitting there and tiring your hands out with a fork to mash the eggs, you can simply throw your boiled eggs into the OXO potato ricer to get the smoothest mashed eggs for your dressing.
  3. Sріnасh – We all know how difficult and time-consuming it is to first clean the spinach and then, dry out the excess water from it. But why worry when we’ve got an amazing tool on our hands that can help us wash and dry spinach without stress.
  4. Garlic- Mincing garlic requires about five minutes of your time daily when you are in the kitchen and cooking something. Save your time and energy by mincing all the garlic you are going to need during the month in a single sitting and save it by freezing it in cubes. Put the large quantity of peeled garlic in the OXO potato ricer and get it minced within a minute.
  5. Fresh juice – Whether you are a fan of orange or lemon juice, you can have as much of it as you want by turning your OXO potato ricer into a hand juicer. What more can you ask than a glass of fresh juice from your kitchen without having to visit the shop!
  6. Cheese – Can’t recall where you placed your cheese grater the last time? Well, worry no more! Instead of panicking and trying to think of all the places you could have kept it in, switch to the OXO potato rice. Although it’s going to work on any kind of cheese; feta, however, would be the ideal choice.
  7. Fruits– Whether you want to feed your baby or just make a smoothie, or a marmalade out of your fruits, know that you have your OXO potato ricer with you and it’s going to magically turn your bored sitting fruits on the countertop of your kitchen into the yummiest jam or baby food that you or your baby have ever tasted.


People who are into cooking know that how hard it can get to deal with so many different tools in the kitchen at a time. It can be quite nerve-wracking to have to work in such a messy kitchen with so many machines and tools lying around.

That’s where OXO potato ricer comes in; your one solution to most of your kitchen needs. Regardless of what you want to do; be it making the smoothest mashed potatoes, avocado salad, or even orange juice. This tool is going to do all of these for you without taking too much space in your kitchen.

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